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Some Changes

It’s clear that, to be really useful at this, I need to provide nutritional information with the recipes. It’s a little more work than I expected to do, but it seems worth the effort. I don’t want to overwhelm my readers, so I’m only going to use a few categories. If anyone feels that other…

Tip – Salt and Sodium

It is difficult to avoid sodium these days. It’s in everything … and I do mean everything. Even a 12 oz. glass of club soda contains 3% of the recommended daily amount. Drink seltzer, spring water, or tap water instead. (There is sodium in my town’s tap water but the amount is negligible. The problem…

Thankful Loaf

A very easy recipe that will make you thankful that you picked up the frozen tube of ground turkey and the box of stove top stuffing at the food bank. Good side dishes include: mashed potatoes, corn, gravy and most anything else you would find on a Thanksgiving table. Don’t forget the cranberry sauce. The…